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Our Mission

Compact Contractors for America, LLC started with a simple goal.  To create a Algae Bio Jet Fuel for Military and Commercial use.

Our Vision

Every problem is an opportunity for improvement. Our Algae Aviation Fuel is competitive in pricing, environmentally friendly & domestically produced. Our Dry Process JetFuel From Algae will change the aviation fuel marketplace. Why is this better than liquid jet fuels?

Our Values

Be competitive, operate in an ethical business manner, provide value to our customers, and enrich our employees, our company and our investors.

Company Structure:

Compact Contractors is an amalgam of highly qualified contractors assigned specific tasks and responsibilities in the development of an advanced  Algae Bio Jet Fuel.

Team Members

Robert Fulton III- Founder of Compact Contractors for America.

Frank Stewart- Chief Mechanical Technician.

Victor Garlington- Director Marketing and Business Development.

Dr. Ronald Martin- Biology Chair at Southern Utah University.

Dr. Renwu Zhang- Physical Sciences Professor at Southern Utah University.

Dr, Zhang- Primary combustion specialist for the company.

Algae Aviation Fuel