Dry Process Bio Jet Fuel from Algae Yeilds a combustible, stable, and viscose powder suitable for use in modern military jet engines.
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Military Algae Jet Fuel

Military Fuel Savings With Algae

By 2015 we run out of fuel for the United States Military. Over the past year, the United States military consumed 75 million barrels of petroleum oil, most of which was used to keep the US Air Force in flight. Prices are going up, availability is going down. If the Middle East disrupts the US supply or instability creates a loss of production, US Military aircraft are grounded.

The Best Military Aircraft in the World, be it F-22’s or UAV’s (drones) won’t fly without fuel. The. Department of Defense, DARPA, Department of the Navy and the Air Force are all looking for a replacement for JP-8 grade jet fuel NOW! Biofuels represent the consensus choice of environmentalists, policymakers, and end users as a superior alternative to fossil-based aviation fuels. We have personally spoken with DARPA, Northrop/Grumman, and others. All are interested in working with turbine algae bio fuel.

Algae enables military commanders the capability of creating jet fuel in the field, and you will eliminate the danger & expense that petroleum fuel deliveries now experience. “In Afghanistan, by using algae you can now create jet fuel from indigenous sources and rely on these sources for operation in theater. Compact Contractors for America has the solution.