Dry Process Bio Jet Fuel from Algae Yeilds a combustible, stable, and viscose powder suitable for use in modern military jet engines.
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Algae Aviation Fuel News

10-08-10 AlgaeIndustryMagazine.com or A.I.M. the online trade publication focusing on the growth and development of the algae biofuels and co-products industry did a story on Compact Contractors for America (CCA).

08-11-10 Algae Aviation Fuel Sold Solid Fuel Sample To U.S. Air Force

07-30-10 CCA Fluidized Algae Biofuel Flows Like Liquid JetFuel

07-05-10 Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) Turbine engine live fire test scheduled in the next thirty days.

05-03-10 We have filed a Utility and Process Patent Claim for dry algae jet fuel.  This was a follow-up to our provisional patent filed 3rd quarter of 2009.

04-29-10 Algae Aviation Fuel Powdered Algae Jet Biofuel on Displayed at Milford Renewable Energy Fair Today http://algaeaviationfuel.com/blog/

04-13-10 Press Release Penn State’s Energy Institute Confirmed CCA Dry Processed Algae Jet Fuel works. Our dry algae biojet fuel was studied by Penn State handled fairly easily compared to with other fuels that have been proven to be viable in high pressure combustion systems.  Some degree of specialization of the fuel feed system will probably be necessary for integration with a combustion power system according to Tom Cawley of Penn State Energy Institute.

02-09-10Press Release USTAR Governing Authority Awards Technology Commercialization Grant (TCG) to CCA for Dry Process Bio Jet Fuel from Algae Project.

12-18-09 - Press Release Raw Algae Harnessed as Bio-Jet Fuel for Aircraft Engines.

11-20-09 – American Pacific contacted CCA.  Pending meeting this December 2009.

11-20-09 – Utah State University has agreed to provide algae for fuel analysis.

10-29-09 – Southern Utah University scientists confirm 60% BTU output of A-1 commercial jet fuel testing CCA processed low lipid contact algae.

10-21-09 – USTAR, a Small Business Utah State assistance agency, works with CCA on TCG grant.

10-09-09 – Southern Utah University noted scientists, Dr. Ron Martin, Biology Dept Chair at SUU, and Dr. Renwu Zhang of the Physical Sciences Dept. begin testing of CCA’s Algae Aviation Jet Fuel.

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