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According to president Obama, the Pentagon isn’t seeking “homegrown” alternative fuels just to protect the environment, but to “protect America’s national security.” The Navy is embarking on a radical plan to reduce its dependency on oil. In 10 years, it wants to be able to power all its planes, vehicles and ships using a 50 percent alternative fuel.

The Future of Modern Flight

The Navy isn’t alone. The Army too is developing combat vehicles designed to run on fuels like biodiesel and ethanol. The Defense Department has invested $2.7 billion this year alone to improve energy efficiency, reported President Obama. “Here at home, as politicians in Washington debate endlessly whether to act to reduce our oil dependency, our own military has determined that we can’t afford not to,” he said.

In short, over the next several years, global oil dynamics may change the planet forever. And America will not be immune.

The United States imports a whopping 56 percent of its daily oil needs—over 10.9 million barrels per day. That is more than the total daily production of Saudi Arabia. But even this number underestimates America’s vulnerability to oil shock. That is because America imports close to one fifth of the world’s available oil.

And this dependence on foreign oil supplies is set to get worse. America’s oil fields are rapidly going dry. Algae fuel is rapidly advancing now, it is no longer a future fuel, it is the right now fuel. Utah based Compact Contractors for America, LLC has developed a fuel based on algal biomass, not oil. Penn State has tested the new algae based fuel and confirmed it does work in combustion engines the military currently uses to protect our country and way of life. Dry Processed Algae Jet Fuel is the now fuel.